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Visa For Spain Vacation

In 2000, Spain became one of the 15 member countries of the Schengen Convention. An agreement by all the then EU member countries abolished checks at internal borders, except the UK and Ireland. The EU is made up of 27 countries as of 1 January 2007. The main focus of this article is to offer useful authentic info related to visa for Spain. Read on.

There is no requirement for any visa permit for Spain by the nationals of EU, Norwegian, Swiss and Icelandic. They can stay there regardless of the length or purpose of their visit to Spain. Btu sometimes they are required to register with the police if they have stayed beyond 90 days. The legal residents of one Schengen country, regardless of their nationality do not require a visa for another Schengen country, which includes visa for Spain. Read on to get more Spain visa information.

The nationals of countries, including Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, NZ, Switzerland and the USA, do not require a visa for Spain vacation, if visiting for upto 90 days in Spain. But as there are some restrictions to some of these nationalities, it is advisable to check with consulates of all Schengen countries they plan a Spain vacation.

But if you plan to work or study in Spain, you may need a specific visa permit for Spain. Therefore, consult a Spanish consulate before travel to see whether you need a visa and all other visa information for Spain.

The standard tourist visa for Spain vacation, which is issued by Spanish consulates, is known as the Schengen visa. It is issued by one Schengen country and is valid for up to 90 days. So if you are planning a Spain vacation and need a visa, you must apply in person at the consulate in the country where they are the nationals. Your visa for Spain holiday will require you to give proof of sufficient funds, an itinerary, details of hotel bookings, return tickets and a letter of recommendation from a host in Spain. However remember that issuing a visa for Spain does not guarantee entry.