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Popular Sports In Spain

Although, it is true that football has long dominated the sports in Spain, there are plenty of other Spain sports, which are not only popular but also offer excellent opportunities for all sports lovers during a Spain vacation. Athletically-inclined to both watch and play, these Spanish sports are a paradise for lover of sports. Read on to know more abut these popular sports in Spain.

As Spain has some outstanding mountain trails and river valleys, these attract tourists and travelers worldwide for a great outdoor adventure. Rocky cliffs, lakes and ravines against the backdrop of beautiful scenery, make a great spot for trekking adventure during a Spain vacation. Some good places are the Pyrenee mountain, Pico de Europa , the mountains of the national park of Grazalema and many more. Trekking as a popular Spanish sport, gives the tourists an opportunity to camp in the forests, where they not only come close to nature but also enjoy the wildlife- boars, brown bears, deer, European grouse, mountain goats etc;

Mountain biking
Biking on the mountains is also a favorite among popular sports in Spain,. With plenty of biking paths, over beautiful gravel pathways, lofty mountains, crossing clear streams on the way, give one a great lifetime experience.

Perhaps you may not be aware, but Spain is probably one of Europe’s leading golfing destinations. As a popular sport in Spain, with over 200 golf courses, visitors love to build a customized golfing Spain vacation. Costa del Sol and La Manga golf resorts lure many golfers from across the world. Spain hosts many world championships like Ryder Cup, American Express World Golf Championships, British Airways Holidays, Thomas Cook Signature or latest with Volvo Masters Andalucia.

Fishing is another of the Spain sports enjoyed by many. With great opportunities for making a catch, you will come across. However, you will need permit to for fishing in some of the really good waters. The rivers and streams of the Pyrenees mountain region and the Picos de Europa are most sought after for fishing. Rainbow trout, black bass, pike and danube salmon are found in abundance throughout the country

How can one not mention soccer, when it comes to the most popular sports in Spain? The world famous clubs in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia host many soccer matches quite often. Soccer clearly is the most popular Spanish sport. Enjoy this great sport during your Spain vacation.

With more than 4000km of coastline with countless harbors and beaches, it is no surprise to see water sports gaining fast popularity in Spain. Some of the popular water sports in Spain are water-skiing, windsurfing, whitewater rafting, canoeing and many other water sports. The strait of Gibraltar is Spain’s premier windsurfing resort, hosting the world championships.

Ski resorts in Spain, devoted to ski tourism attract a rising number of tourists and travelers each year. Snowmobiling, sledding, dog-sledding, ice-skating is fast gaining popularity as Spain sports at these resorts. Other local forms of entertainment include indoor or outdoor swimming, and hottubbing.

Other popular sports in Spain that draw in the crowds are horse racing, volleyball and motor racing.