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Best entrepreneur of the year in Spain

Hi, I am John. I do travel around the world to know more about interior designing. I pursued my graduation in commerce. My father is an interior designer. He suddenly had heart stroke and now he is recovering but he has taken few assignment from various companies and they have given deadlines to meet those assignments. Hence I need to assist him to meet the dead lines.

I am very happy that we can avail cheap car hire services when we travel to different city and countries like Spain. It was not only comfortable to travel in car but I was able to discus with my father various topics relating to interior designing. He guides me every time and I follow his instructions carefully. He is very happy that I have taken his responsibility and I am doing good job. He appreciates me always that my work will get recognized and our company will gain more recognition and more orders from our existing clients and also from new clients.

We increased the company strength because we started receiving many new orders from existing and new clients. This year I received award from the government for best entrepreneur of the year. My work got due recognition and people who do not have formal education in designing but have the interest to design interiors started pursuing career as interior designer. Government started few colleges where they offer courses relating to interior designing and students who are not able to afford the fees can apply for scholarship.