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Eating In Spain

Surprisingly, eating in Spain is quite cheap. One can sample Spanish food which is served at any time of day in local bars. The main objective of this page is to offer you some useful information regarding eating and drinking in Spain. Read on to know all on Spanish cuisine and eating food in Spain.

The Spanish food varies from cheese and olives to special meat delicacies. Most of the specialties of Spanish cuisine are based on seafood. But one will find more of the regional specialties in the inland than along the coast. Spanish food in the northern Basque provinces may include cod vizcaina, the tasty baby eel, bream and squid. In Asturias, you will find the best cider in Spain besides bean soup, fabada and some great cheeses. Galicia is well known for shellfish, and a number of regional seafood dishes such as hake à la Gallega. Catalonia has a well-deserved reputation lobster Catalan, butifarra sausage stewed with beans, and partridge with cabbage. When eating out in Spain, you will commonly find Pan amb tomaquet, a bread rubbed with olive oil and tomato, as a delicious accompaniment to local ham and cheese. The food in Spain at most restaurants is classified by the Government and has table service.

When eating out in Spain, don’t forget to try the roast meats, mainly lamb, beef, veal and suckling pig. Stews, sausages, country ham and partridges add to the vari ety. All the vegetarians should not forget to try gazpacho, a delicious cold vegetable soup during their Spain vacation. There is a huge a variety of fried fish, which includes fresh anchovies and jabugo ham. When eating in Spain, you will see that most of the dishes are based on the fish provided by the coast.

Spain is known for its wines, with sherry being its one of the major export products. Britain buys around 75 per cent of all sherry exports from Spain, of which there are four main varieties: fino, amontillado, oloroso and dulce. People love eating and drinking in Spain. Chacolí, a 'green' wine from the Basque Country is very famous. It is a little sour with a slight sparkle. Valdepeñas is pleasant and hearty but a rougher wine. It is grown midway between Madrid and Cordóba and is best found there. You will also come across inexpensive supermarket wine. Some of the many brands of local wines are cava, the Codorniú and Freixenet. The majority of Spanish sparkling wines are fruity and sweet. Spanish brandy is relatively cheap and pleasant. Most brandy drinkers find it a little sweet and much different from French.

Spain has several good sources for mineral waters. Lanjarón is a popular brand, coming from the town of the same name. Vichy Catalan is almost same like French Vichy while Malavella is somewhat fizzy. The Font Vella is still and calm. We hope you found the above article on eating and drinking in Spain informational.