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Tips For Safety In Spain

Although Spain is easily one of the safest countries in Europe for foreign travelers, there is no harm in getting familiar with issues related to safety in Spain. Generally, the tourists and travelers don't feel even slightly threatened while on a Spain vacation. The rate of crime is low and actual physical confrontations are almost nonexistent. Still, to be a well informed and wise traveler, one should get acquainted with the safety issues in Spain. The main focus of this page is to how to travel safe in Spain.

While on a Spain vacation, you will come across crimes which are insignificant. The main issues of Spain safety are the bag-snatchers, pick-pockets and theft from cars. One should always use common sense to avoid any unfortunate mishaps from happening. Do not to accept help from anyone except from a uniformed police officer. But be careful as there have been reports of thieves pretending as police officers to help stuck motorists on the highways. Keep your passport, camera and credit cards in a safe place, if you want to travel safe in Spain. Keeping these little tips related to safety issues in Spain will go a long way for you to have a memorable Spain vacation.

It is also a good idea to be aware of a few small political resistance groups, like the ETA and GRAPO, who often target the government and military. Therefore, it is advised to not to park a French-registered car in the Basque provinces.

Here are a few safety tips for Spain:

• Avoid walking through empty, poorly-lit streets.

• Wear your purse across your chest instead of hanging from one shoulder. Make sure it has a zipper.

• Keep your cell phones, cameras, passports, credit cards and other important out of view when you are out relaxing in public areas.

• Be even more alert of your important possessions in crowded places.

• Carry a copy of your passport instead of the real document.

• Check the safety of your hotel. Store your important documents like passports, credit cards and travel tickets in a safe place at the hotel instead of carrying them around.

In case you do get robbed, go to the police immediately. You will require the police report for your insurance company if you are looking to make a claim. Contact your country's embassy or nearest consulate for help incase your passport or money gets stolen. The rule of thumb for personal safety in Spain is to just use your common sense, and you'll be just fine.