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Most of the people know Spain and link it to “bulls”, “paella”, “fiesta” and “Olé”!!!…. but there is much more than that. Spain is not only Andalucía, Madrid and Barcelona. There is an area in Spain that seems to be hidden to the eyes of everyone. That is northern Spain. I will give you some reasons why you should visit it:

1.- You will find great hidden beaches and stunning mountains, very close one to each other. The beaches you will find are not very crowded so if you are one of those that love lying on the sun in magnificent beaches this could be your place. About the mountains, if you like hiking or visiting great sceneries you cannot miss Picos de Europa, natural border in three different provinces of Spain: Cantanbria, Asturias and León.

2.- There are hundreds of coastal and inland villages. Small fishermen´s villages that you´ll love to discover and some inland populations that are very worthy to be visited.

3.- Cities with more than 1.500 years of history, such as León, with its magnificent Cathedral and some other monuments that contrast with the modernity of other buildings such as the Contemporary Art Museum or the Auditorium.

4.- The French and Northern Caminos (Camino de Santiago) are walked or cycled through this area of Spain. This internationally renowned route (declared World Heritage Site) will be one of the most stunning experiences of your live. You will find yourself in a way you didn´t know, will make hundreds of friends and share more than you have ever done.

5.- If you are fan of gastronomy and wines, more than 65% of the michelin starred restaurants in Spain are located in the area. But there is no need to book in one of those to enjoy great local food: fish, shelfish, stews, meats, vegetables… And some of the most important wine Denominations of Origin such as “Rioja”, “Ribera de Duero”, “Rueda”, “Txacolí”, “Bierzo”, “Prieto Picudo”, “Ribeiro” and “Albariño”, to mention some, are also here. We cannot forget the cider in Asturias, poured in the traditional way, putting the bottle over your head and throwing the cider into a glass hold with your hand under your hip, making it crash against the glass and changing its flavor completely.

6.- If you are one of those people that love to make any activity this is also your place. From surf, flyboard, sailing, karting, paintball and so on to canoeing, canyoning, caving and more. You will also find some of the best golf courses in Spain, some of them designed by prestigious golf players like Severiano Ballesteros.

7.- It exists the wrong believe that weather in northern Spain is bad, all the time raining and so on. That is not very true. Temperatures during the summer time are around 25 degrees ºC. They vary from 24 to 34 depending on the province of your choice. Not too hot nor cold and great to rest at night as the temperature will be smooth.

There are many more reasons but I think it is better you discover them yourselves. TIP: If you are tired of predesigned tours where everyone has to go to the same places, try the same restaurants, do the same things or you just hate those group trips where you have to be in the bus at 8:00, visit a place at 12:00 and so on (with a predesigned and fixed schedule), I recommend you to visit this website: www.hiddeninspain.com

They are specialists in REAL tailor made tours through northern Spain. They organize and plan everything based on your likes and dislikes and recommend you where you should go and visit, where to eat, where not to eat, how to get everywhere and everything you need to travel the country as if you were traveling with a local guy showing you everything. It is time to discover the real Spain, it is time to travel at your own pace with all the facilities, it is time to travel as YOU want and go where YOU want to go, not how or where the travel agency wants.