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National Holidays Of Spain

National holidays in Spain are a mixture of religious, national and regional observances. In this article, we will focus on the main holidays of Spain, so as to make you a well informed traveler to Spain. Whether you are there on a Spain vacation or a business trip, it is always an advantage to be well aware of the public holidays in Spain.

Each municipality in Spain is allowed to have a maximum of 14 public holidays per year. Out of these, a maximum of nine Spain holidays are chosen by the national government and at least two of these are selected locally. If in case, nay one of these nine "national holidays" happens to fall on a Sunday, the regional governments or the autonomous communities of Spain are free to choose an alternate holiday. They can also allow the local authorities to select the date for the holiday. The regional governments are allowed to choose up to three holidays in Spain per year.

Let us take a look at the national holidays in Spain:

January 1       New Years Day
January 6       Epiphany
February 28    Regional Holiday
March 19        Joseph's Day
March or April Good Friday
April 23        Regional Holiday
May 1        May Day
May 2        Regional Holiday
May 17        Galician Literature Day
June 24        St. John's Day
July 25         St. James
August 15         Assumption
September 2        Municipal Holiday
September 8         Regional Holiday
September 11        National Day of Catalonia
October 12        National Day
October 25         Day of the Basque Country
November 1         All Saints' Day
December 6        Constitution
December 8        Immaculate Conception
December 25         Christmas Day (national holiday)

These holidays of Spain may be replaced by the autonomous communities with another date. There may also be additional dates celebrated as regional public holidays, which can vary from region to region. As these public holidays in Spain are not celebrated in every region; so it is a good idea to always check locally.