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Polish-Italian Team @OneWay2Freedom heading to South America

You are looking through the "grey window" and you are contemplating: >> I don't want to regret things I did not do in my life, that's why in a few days I am heading on South America with my backpack. <<

SHE is associated with cold country, vodka and onion, HE with the phrase “ciao bella” and pizza. September 2012. Couchsurfing. First meeting initiated at the bus stop in the one of the Wroclove’s crossroads in the autumn rain.

Feeling to discover the world has connected them. And today they are preparing backpacks with one way ticket in their hands and heading out on another adventure – this time to South America. Don’t call them tourists, call them traveler!

Traveling, world cuisine, positive energy, sense of humor and loads of photos and videos of their adventure you will on BLOG: www.oneway2freedom.com/en . Their travel is not planned at all. It will be more spontaneously with a lot of flow!

They are more social than you can imagine, follow their flow on

FB: https://www.facebook.com/oneway2freedom
Instagram: @OneWay2Freedom

#BubusioLandia is everywhere!