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Where to Take a School Trip for Educational Purposes

Many schools take class trips and the best locations are both fun and educational. There are plenty of options around the country.

Some of the best school memories include the famous class trip. Some classes take trips locally to a museum, science center, or even a zoo, but the best schools send their kids to locations that have even more educational value. Senior class trips can be one of the highlights of the year for any senior. The location is key to making the trip memorable.

Trip Idea: Washington DC

School trips to Washington DC seem like a natural choice. A tour of this city can be very educational with plenty of hands on opportunities to learn, enjoy and have an experience that will last a lifetime. Depending on how long the tour runs, students can see a number of different items such as the White House, the Capitol Building, numerous memorials, museums and much more. Many students will want to see some of the famous memorials and monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Wall and the Washington Monument. These landmarks, when coupled with a number of other locations, showcase the history of the country. If history education is the goal, there is no better destination for school trips to Washington DC.

Trip Idea: Chicago

For students who live in a more centralized location within the country, Chicago is a great place for senior class trips. Most trips will start with a tour to The Sears Tower, which is now known as the Willis Tower Sky Deck. Another idea is a walk through Millennium Park or even a ride on a boat in the Chicago River to take in the skyline. There are rich amounts of musical history within the city and the Navy Pier has some of the best food in the area. With museums, Broadway opportunities and walking tours, Chicago has plenty to offer any class. There are also plenty of great restaurants for the students to enjoy plus a line of shops so long any class will be able to find plenty of souvenirs.

Trip Idea: New York City

No class trip would have more opportunities than one that set its sights on New York City. The city that never sleeps has so many things to see and do it is hard to fit it all in no matter how long the students stay. With walks through Central Park, Broadway entertainment, Times Square and so much more, New York's sights have no match. Students can take in plenty of history in this city as well with tours of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. For the media minded students, tours of the NBC studios can be downright inspiring. And the Lincoln Center can give those who enjoy art a new viewpoint on their craft. With plenty of fun experiences around as well including shopping, people watching and the overall New York experience, this city is unparalleled in school trips and activities.

AUTHOR BIO: Mary Hensworth is a writer who enjoyed her own class trip so much that she made it her professional goal to make sure other students do as well. She enjoys investigating various locations with the goal of sending classes to those destinations for both learning and fun.