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Top 5 Holiday Planning Tips

Although spontaneous holiday can be fun, sometimes it is not a good idea to go on a holiday being totally unprepared. Not being prepared can lead to all sorts of problems such as not having a place to stay, not enough available money or not being familiar with the location at all. While the steps listed below do not cover everything involved in the planning they are good starting point, if you are beginner in travel planning.

1. Decide your holiday destination

Deciding where you want to go is the first step of the process of planning your holiday. Chosing your destination will depend on the type of person you are and what you and your travel companions prefer to do. Do you want to get away from the summer heat? Then you might be interested in finding a suitable skiing/snowboarding resort. Or would you rather prefer laying on the beach and posting photos on social media channels to annoy your friends and co-workers who are busy with their tasks, while it‘s freezing outside? Then you may consider visiting some exotic islands.

2. Avoid peak travel dates

Once you know the type of destination you would like to visit, it is time to find out when are the peak dates. There are several reasons you may want to avoid peak dates including higher prices, overcrowded resorts, not enough or too expensive flights or weather. Avoiding the busiest dates can help you save some money and having to deal with massive crowds of tourists.

3. Book early

Once you know when are the peak dates for your desired location, it is time to make the booking. Getting in the habit of booking your holidays early can save a lot of time, money and personal energy. It is well-known fact that prices will be lower, if you do so. Also, you will have more options by booking your holiday early, because more hotels will be available, as well as flights, if you are travelling to your holiday destination by airplane. Imaging having your hotel booked, but not being able to actually get there, because all of the most suitable flights are booked. Spare yourself from such situation and always book about six months before the departure date.

4. Preparing your luggage early

Depending on for how long you will be away and where you are going, you need to start thinking about your luggage at least a week before your departure. Think about what is available at the place where you will stay and what will not be available. You can use one of the hundreds travel planning apps or just simple pen and paper and start listing the items that will be needed. Also, if you have not been to this location before then you will need to check whether the place you are staying at is remote and how far are the closest towns and cities and what is offered on the spot.

5. Stick to your budget

Being on holiday does not mean that you have to get over-excited and spend more than you can afford. While it may seem fun to try new activities, which are not already included in your bill, it is important to remember that sticking to your budget can help you with unforeseen expenses during your stay and also you may end up have some money left in your pocket once you get back home, which is also nice.

Of course, these five tips do not count every possible detail that could go into planning a holiday. But if you apply them, you can find that holiday planning can be quite straight-forward process.

Bonus tip 6: Have fun!

This guest post is written by Dimitar, founder of fivestarsholiday.com