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What is Life Like in Italy?

What is day to day life like in Italy? What are the big national problems and issues in Italy? How does Italian culture differ from that in the United States? These are the kind of questions that are discussed weekly in the newsletter This Week in Italy. The author is a former college administrator from the United States who has spent the nine years since his retirement in Pistoia, a small Italian city near Florence.

The perspective at times may be insightful, but it certainly at times is humorous as the foibles and fallacies of Italian life (at least from an American perspective) are examined.

There are some photo pages e.g. Spring 2011 bike trip.

If you are interested in a certain topic, the web site has in the side bar on the right of the homepage a Search function this week in Italy.

Those who prefer to receive the newsletter as a weekly e mail can contact [email protected]